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"This film takes you out of your own private hell. Likewise there are some beautiful

and unexpected answers... viewers will enjoy the insights and these are excellent questions to ask.

There’s no time like the present to awaken."

~ John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods

"Sebastian’s film, with its overall message of love, asks all the right questions

and thus ends up bringing people together. Watch it, and see what I mean!"

~ Ken Wilber

"Wherever we're asking more powerful questions, we're headed in the direction of

more serious answers. This film does both."

~ Marianne Williamson

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Do you want answers to questions at the core of human fulfillment?  From "what is love?" to "what is the purpose of life?”, that's what filmmaker Sebastian Siegel sets out to uncover through interviews with influential thinkers, best selling authors, renowned artists and innovators.  In this acclaimed exploration, AWAKENING WORLD inspires interpersonal connection and reveals the requisites of personal responsibility necessary to perpetuate widespread human joy.

After 7 years of in-depth exploration of the human condition, 100 hours of interviews, and over 1,000 hours of dissecting these discussions, I discovered some patterns; answers as to what purpose, love, god and intimacy are. I funded every dollar of this film with only one agenda; to spread compassion and drive consciousness evolution - to bring people together. I hope you will enjoy, and perhaps even share it with someone.

With adventure,


"Dear Mr. Siegel, your commitment to sharing your film Awakening World with our incarcerated youths is inspiring. They were mesmerized by your characters, stories and insightful answers. You were able to project the positive and motivating passion of self-worth and purpose of being; strong characteristics we seek to teach as they attempt to re-enter communities. Thank you."

~ County of Los Angeles, Probation Department

IMPACT:   Because of people like YOU sharing this documentary, it’s sparking exploratory questions amongst families, strangers, and between friends and lovers.  It's opening conversations about the process of love and how to tap into it where and when it's needed most.  It's facilitating the sharing of ideas on how we can proactively come together when we are at odds with one another.  This is a powerful affect to generate in the world today, and it happens simply by you sharing this film with someone. If you would like to gift it to a friend or family, to colleagues or a school, it’s easy through Beyond Words.

A screening can also be arranged, just leave a note here, and feel free to post your own thoughts about the film and initiate more of these discussions on Facebook.

"After we screened Awakening World we were touched and moved by its message.

We invited Sebastian Siegel to speak at Sedona World Wisdom Days where his voice continued

to ‘awaken’ a new generation of forward thinkers.

~ Sedona World Wisdom Days

co-founders Jerry Gilden &  Glenn Scarpelli

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Copyright  2020 All rights reserved

"Dear Sebastian Siegel, thank you for coming to our facility to screen your movie Awakening World.

It was a joy to have you provide a program that had such a positive message.  I believe that the film gave them a different perspective on how personal connections are so meaningful."

~ Detention Services, Juvenile Hall